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To ensure a safe, efficient, quality installation of your flooring, please have the following items taken care of prior to our arrival on the day of your installation. Having these completed before we arrive will ensure we are able to complete the installation in the planned time frame. 

  • Please be sure all pets are in a secure location where there is no chance of them being injured or escaping through an open door. 
  • Remove all accessory items (lamps, breakables, books, etc.) from the room(s) that we will be working in – we will take care of moving the furniture items. 
  • For bedroom installations, please remove the linens from the bed. 
  • For closet installations, please remove all items that are on the floor. 
  • The area from the entry door to the room(s) that we will be working in should be clutter-free, and any delicate/breakable items removed, to ensure we have a clear path to bring in materials and equipment. 
  • Lastly, we require a person of authority (18+ years old) who is familiar with the scope and materials ordered for the project, to be present throughout the installation.

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