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Best Flooring Company in Wayne County

Refloor Serves the Wayne County Area with Professional Flooring Installation

Healthy living starts at home.

And if you want a healthy home, start with allergen-free, discount flooring from Refloor. Hard surfaces like vinyl, hardwood or laminate can be cleaned and disinfected with basic household products as needed, helping you maintain a healthier home for you and your family.

Our low maintenance flooring solutions are perfect for any room and any budget. And our flooring experts make it easy to select the best style and color because they bring actual samples right to your home. We are the number one flooring company in Wayne County, housing every flooring option we offer in our local warehouse, making it possible for us to offer next day installation if you need it.

With Refloor, updating your flooring is worry-free! Our floors come with our exclusive Lifetime Warranty and our Love It or Leave It Guarantee. Between our unheard of guarantees and our our deep flooring discounts, installation deals, and financing, there is absolutely no reason not to get the floors you’ll love today!

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Refloor's Exclusive 4-Way Lifetime Guarantee on our Smart-Choice Flooring

Lifetime Labor Guarantee: If there are any defects in the installation, we will replace the affected floor for free!

Love It Or Leave It Guarantee: If for any reason you ever stop loving the floor you chose, or you redecorate and wish you had gone with a different color, we will credit 50% of the purchase price towards the purchase of a new Refloor!

Gap Free Guarantee: Our tight lock technology locks for life so... If you get a gap, we will fix it for FREE!

Five Plank Free Guarantee: Our wear layer protection is scratch resistant, but we know scratches happen so... If you gouge or scratch your floor, we will replace up to 5 planks for free!

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Low-Maintenance Flooring for Every Room in Your Wayne County Home

Refloor offers the largest in-stock selection of gorgeous, easy-care flooring colors in your choice of laminate, vinyl, or manufactured hardwood. If you’re looking for Wayne County's best price on high-quality vinyl flooring plus unheard of flooring deal, call Refloor! We can replace your current flooring on tight budget and even offer financing if you want to splurge a little! Each of our discount flooring options come in a wide array of colors making matching your style a snap.

Laminate: Want the look and feel of wood, tile, or marble, but don’t have the budget-or the lifestyle for it? Our laminate flooring is made from durable construction materials and offers easy installation- making it our most budget-friendly option. Laminate flooring is great for basements and high-moisture rooms because resists scratches, scuffs, and water better than wood and comes in wood, tile, and marble textures.

Vinyl: Our Luxury Vinyl is 100% moisture-proof making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re going for the look of hardwood, but want flooring that’s a little more carefree, this is for you. Luxury Vinyl is extremely durable and not as prone to scratches, discoloration or damage like its solid wood alternative.

Hardwood: Manufactured hardwood floors offer the natural beauty and style of solid hardwood with enhanced durability. While solid hardwood provides a wide range of wood species, stain options and finishes, manufactured hardwood gives you the same look for less. And best of all, the real estate industry does not distinguish between solid hardwood and manufactured hardwood. Both add value and elegance, so why not choose the one that’s better for the environment, and your wallet.

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Why Trust Refloor?

We are Licensed and Insured so you and your home are protected.

We specialize only in hard surface flooring. We don’t sell carpet solutions. So, unlike other flooring installers, we can be completely honest when recommending a solution.

We bring samples when we come to your home. You can see exactly what your new flooring will look like before you commit to it. No need to visit a local flooring store only to guess if the flooring you choose really matches your walls and furniture.

Next day installation is possible because we keep a full inventory in stock, in our local warehouse.

We’re local and a part of your community, so our reputation is everything. That’s we guarantee everything we do and sell with our exclusive lifetime guarantee.

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Our Next Day Flooring Installation Process

Step 1: Prep
  • Move your furniture
  • Remove and haul away old flooring as needed
Step 2: Installation
  • Cut, Lock, Install
  • Moldings & Transitions
Step 3: Your Approval
  • You inspect before we collect
  • Pay when you are happy
  • We return furniture to your room
Laminates. Luxury Vinyl. Hardwood.
50% OFF
Any Style. Any Room.
0% Financing!
Want the Best Price on Beautiful, Natural Looking Floors? Call Refloor & Save Thousands Without Sacrificing Style
  • I was in need of new flooring for my house. I saw the ad on the TV. I couldn't get the jingle out of my head. I called and it was exactly as advertised. Great company. My home floor looks beautiful. I would refer them to anyone. - Ryan R.
  • My floors came out gorgeous. The crew from Refloor, from start to finish was outstanding! They were on time, reviewed my concerns before starting and worked nonstop. Their workmanship was so well done, it exceeded my expectations. They also cleaned up beautifully. - Auberon M.
  • Great professional service. Crew was in and out and we are very happy with our choice. - Joe
  • The installer, Nick, was excellent! He was friendly, knowledgeable, clean and efficient. I had large furniture that I couldn’t move and he did it without complaint and little effort. I would recommend Nick to anyone. - Tammy L.
  • Nick and his team did a wonderful job of installing y new ReFloor! The material and the install were 5 stars! - Tim T.
  • I highly recommend this company! My Refloors look fabulous and the price was right - Alene F.