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Floors Even Your Dog Will Love

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Our pets are a big part of our families, and rightfully so. They’re cute, they help manage our stress levels, and they teach us patience. That’s all well and good when we’re playing with them and loving them, but stress levels may shoot up and patience may dwindle when we see what their cute little paws do to the floors in our home.

Carpet, while a good insulator and noise reducer, gets stained easily, withholds pet dander and bacteria, and can look ragged in no time at all. Hardwood floors, while elegant and high-end, are not resistant to the clamoring of pets (or kids for that matter).

Enter luxury vinyl plank flooring, which has gotten an incredible makeover in the last couple of years. It’s durable, it’s affordable, and it’s perfect for families that want to update their homes, affordably, without sacrificing design and style. It is especially ideal for the four-legged family members that make a house feel like home.

We don’t like to pick favorites, but…

we all have them. And Refloor’s clear winner for new flooring option is luxury plank vinyl. Here’s why:

  • It’s incredibly durable and resilient
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s beautiful – the wood look without the wood price or wood maintenance!

If you’re trying to teach your rambunctious pooch to walk gently around the house—and failing—it might be easier to give up the doggy lessons and replace your floors. Because luxury vinyl floors are sturdier than traditional hardwood, the likelihood of your pets’ claws scratching them up is very low. Vinyl plank flooring is also 100% waterproof so don’t worry about that water splashing over the side of Spot’s water bowl, or those muddy footprints tracking in from outdoors.

Another great benefit of luxury vinyl plank is that is has a softness and warmth underfoot which makes a difference in not only how your pets walk across the floor but also in their comfort level during those lazy mid-day naps.

If your interest is piqued but you’re still imagining your grandmother’s vinyl floors from back in the day, we’re here to tell you the good news: at Refloor, our luxury vinyl planks come in an array of styles and colors, ranging from Platinum Oak to Burnished Hickory. If hardwood floors are out of your budget or you’re worried about their potential for irreversible damage, vinyl flooring is the sweet spot that marries luxury looks with utility and affordability.

We can’t live without our pups….so make living with them easier.

If you’re ready to launch the conversation and get a quote for your home’s floors, trust Refloor to guide you through the process. Contact us today.

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