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Interior Design Trends: Boomers vs. Millennials vs. Gen X

Home is where the heart is, and for each of these distinct generations, home – and flooring options — may look a little bit different. Needs, tastes, and even location for where a millennial may live, vs. where a boomer would, are a combination of personal preference as well as generationally shifting trends. Each generation develops its own identity based on the events and cultural influences around them. If you were ever of the mindset that a coffee order can be a foray into someone’s personality, how about wandering into someone’s house and taking a good look around?

There’s a reason why grandma’s house makes you feel one way and your best friend’s house makes you feel another.

While personal taste accounts for much of what a home can look like, both inside and out, you’re certain to find common trends within each generational group, and maybe some overlap too.

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Baby Boomers

Most – if not all – Baby boomers (1945-1964) are empty nesters, and as such, are reclaiming their home as a space of tranquility and for adult gatherings – unless, of course, the grandkids are visiting. Older and presumably more well off, boomers are focused on quality and durability and are therefore more likely to make larger investments in things like sturdy furniture pieces and quality flooring. More likely to shed possessions rather than accumulate more, boomers gravitate to a style that is classic, sophisticated, and uncluttered.

And what says peace and tranquility more than muted, natural colors? Neutral earth tones are not only a more sophisticated throwback to boomers’ childhood homes (hello, muddy, murky carpets and furniture), but they also inspire a sense of relaxation at home.

Big on traditional space to entertain both friends and visiting family, boomers will often remain in the homes that they raised their family in, and simply redecorate spaces, upgrade flooring, or repurpose rooms to better fit the new stage in their life.

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Gen X

Not quite retired yet and still in the throes of their careers, Gen Xers (1965-1980) are typically drawn to a homestyle trend that fits their busy lifestyle. Being a child of the 70s, they still gravitate towards bolder, eclectic, or generally more contemporary looks. With kids or teenagers at home, the colors – both on furniture, in flooring designs, and on the walls – will most likely lean towards brightness; the style more likely to exude comfort that suits both kids and pets, with specific concentration on quality and flooring with protective coating.

Similar to their boomer counterparts? The need for durability, but for different reasons. While boomers may want the classic furniture and sturdy floors to exude sophistication and personal taste, Gen Xers are opting for endurance to hold up against the rigors of an active family.

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The joke has always been that millennials (1981-1996) can’t afford homes due to avocado toast. Well, the joke’s on the two older generations because millennials are well into their careers, starting families, and very much buying homes. Raised in a time of globalization and inter-connectedness, millennials’ mindsets are socially minded and environmentally conscious.

How does that translate into home trends?

The old has become new again. Minimalistic decors, reclaimed wood, and industrial accents are immensely popular, not just among restaurants and bars, but at home too. Mid-century modern with its clean lines and more compact sized furnishings fit perfectly in smaller homes and apartments, particularly those living in urban settings.

Whether bold or subdued; urban or suburban, one thing is sure across the board for all three generations: well-suited floors can elevate your house so that it feels like home. If you’re ready to explore which flooring options might be the best fit for you, affordable flooring options in Michigan and Ohio, and how our professionals install vinyl plank flooring, contact us today.

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