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Hardwood Floors? Remove Your Shoes!

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What do you think of when you hear the words shelf life? Yogurt? Milk? That can of peas that’s been sitting in the back of your pantry since who knows when? Rarely do we apply the term to our floors, though for the average price—and work!—it costs to redo them, perhaps it’s high time we take shelf life out of the kitchen.

If you’re worried about wear and tear, scuff marks, or unseemly scratches across your hardwood floors, one of the easiest things that can significantly decrease hardwood damage is to leave your shoes at the door.

Yes, we know it feels different making that grand entrance down the stairs with your unworn heels dangling in one hand, but your floors will thank you for the considerate effort. Double the points for taking your shoes off at the front door and carrying them inside. Here’s why:

Stop Scratches Before They’re Made

While some flooring options are made to be sturdier (we’re looking at you, vinyl), other options—like hardwood—are still prone to damage. Part of what makes hardwood floors appealing is the shine factor and the look of natural wood. High heels are bound to leave tiny dents or scratches over the years, and even flat shoes can leave their own mark. Think of things like debris or pebbles being dragged indoors and across your floor.

Cringing yet?

Cleanliness is next to…

Godliness, though anyone with good taste and good hygiene will scoff at what shoes can bring inside. Dirt, debris, oil, spit (yeah, we said it), and all kinds of bacteria can be tracked indoors from the unruly outside world.

It’s a mess out there and in the time of COVID-19, do you really want to risk becoming roommates with the 90% of germs that hitch a ride on your shoes?

We didn’t think so either.

Prevent Water Damage

It’s a tale as old as time. The kids have a snow day. School is closed so they run around outside until their hands are numb and their socks feel wet. They run indoors just as the last light fades, throw their boots off, and continue on up the stairs to change and get warm.

When you go to lock up before bed, you frown at the puddles of water that have collected by the door, slowly—slowly!—seeping into your hardwood floor.

Avoid the less-than-attractive result of warped floorboards and implement new rules that both adults and kids must adhere to. Have a shoe area by the door and have slippers at the ready to make the switch.

Breaking old habits is hard and developing new ones is even harder, but if you put in the effort now, your floors will thank you later.

If you’re ready to discuss new flooring options for your home, trust Refloor to help guide you through the process. Contact us today.

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