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How Refloor Stacks Up Against The Rest

Blog HowRefloorStacksUpAgainstTheRest

Most anyone who took Writing 101 in school was told, at one point or another to show, not tell. That simple statement can be applied to many things in life – your work, your personal relationships, a business’ mission, or their practice. The fact of the matter is that it is one thing to talk the talk, but it’s an entirely other thing to also walk the walk.

At Refloor, we take this to heart. We don’t simply say we’re the best; we live by it and make it a point to show that we are. Through our customer acquisition, our business practices, and our guarantees for a quality product. We’d sooner close up shop tomorrow than do wrong by our customer base.

While other sites may highlight their most current specials, holiday deals, and discounted prices, Refloor focuses on the big picture: the best floors for your needs and our exclusive 4-part Lifetime Guarantee. Places like 50 FloorThe Carpet Guys, or even Empire may advertise their latest deal but, but we know reflooring your home is a big commitment, so why rush? When you’re ready for the big change, we’re on standby to offer our:

  1. Lifetime Labor Guarantee – we guarantee our installation for the life of your floor, or we will replace any issues for free!
  2. Lifetime Gap-Free Guarantee – if you get a gap between any boards, we will fix it for free!
  3. 5-Plank Free Guarantee – if you gouge or scratch your floor, we will replace up to 5 planks for free!
  4. Love It or Leave It Guarantee – if you redecorate and suddenly wish you had chosen another color, we will credit 50% of the purchase price towards the purchase of a new floor from Refloor!

The reality of being ‘the best’ is subjective, and we know that. It’s why we work hard to make our effort worth it and meet your expectations where they are, rather than expect you to lower them.

Unlike other big-box flooring companies, we are locally owned & operated in Michigan and Ohio, and it’s the spirit of being a local business that drives our work. If you’re not 5-star happy, we’ll work until you are. If you’re updating your home or are ready for something new, we’ll replace your Refloor at any time, and credit you 50% of the original purchase price. Talking the talk and walking the walk? That’s Refloor.

Who else can put their money where their mouth is?


We didn’t think so.

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