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How to Protect Your Floors Over the Holidays

Blog HowToProtectYourFloorsOverTheHolidays

As this year comes winding to an end, it’s hard to not think about how this year’s holiday season will differ from the previous years. However, we are still likely to take pleasure in small joys—the putting up of the Christmas tree; decorating the home for your kids; sneaking down at night to play Santa when devouring the milk and cookies.

It’s the little things.

And in 2020, people kickstarted their holiday decorating plans earlier than usual, hoping to add some color in what has otherwise been a grayer, more stressful year.

Turning your house into the North Pole can, however, be strenuous on your floors if the proper precautions aren’t taken. In this piece, we’ll dive into a few ways to better protect your floors against cold weather, putting up the Christmas tree, and the moving of furniture.

Use Door Mats

Particularly if you live in a region with harsher winters. Tracking water indoors—think of the kids’ snowy boots creating puddles by the door—can be detrimental to your floors’ lifespan. Placing—and actually using—a door mat can cut down on the amount of grit that is brought into your home, reducing water damage, scratches, and any other kind of damage.

O Christmas Tree!

For the folks who love the smell and feel of a real tree, you’ll know that the only way to keep the tree vibrant throughout the holiday season is to water it—and water it a lot! Again, the propensity for water damage on your floors is high unless you take the appropriate measures to create a barrier between the tree and your floor. Use a waterproof Christmas tree stand mat or a plastic drain tray to catch any spills.

Does that ruin the festive look of the tree’s corner? Dress your tree to the nines with a pretty tree skirt to cover all unnecessary accessories.

Use Felt Pads

Dirt and grime can be swept up, but scratches? They’re unsightly and impossible to remove. If you’re moving furniture around to make room for decorations, use felt pads to minimize damage on your floors. And don’t hide them in a corner quite yet. You’ll need to pull them back out when you’re shuffling everything back in place once January rolls around.

Clean Up Song

It’s everyone’s least favorite thing to do but alas, it’s a necessary evil. Cleaning your floors frequently will help keep outdoor elements from causing long-term damage. If you live in a snowy area, imagine the snow, mud, and salt clinging to your shoes that you could be bringing in. And while our list of holiday visitors is significantly shorter this year (read: nonexistent), you’ll still have your kids or pets coming in and out each day. Cleaning frequently will ensure your floors look like new long after the holidays end.

And if You Want to Redo Your Floors…

There is a wide array of options to choose from outside of hardwood. Vinyl floors are a great waterproof, insulated option to keep your house warm and looking festive. And because home renovations were significantly up this year, trust Refloor to guide you through the flooring process this holiday season. Contact us today.

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