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HomeBlogHow Much Value Does New Flooring Add to a Home
HomeBlogHow Much Value Does New Flooring Add to a Home

How Much Value Does New Flooring Add to a Home

Home sellers are always thinking about what improvements will add value to their homes. Making improvements to your home can give it an edge in a competitive market and get higher bids and possibly sell it faster. Before the For-Sale sign goes up, you may be thinking, how much value does new flooring add to a home? We’ll look at types of flooring and their value, what factors to consider when choosing flooring, design choices, and more.


Types of Flooring to Update Your Home

First, let’s look at the most popular types of flooring and their potential impact on your budget, and the value they could bring at closing time.

Does Hardwood Flooring Increase Home Value?

Hardwood can be a beautiful addition to homes. It adds a layer of warmth, unlike any other type of flooring. It can also add up to 80% return on investment, depending on the type and other factors. Exotic woods, solid hardwood, and other high-end wood floors can be extremely expensive to install and might not fit a lot of budgets or styles of homes. 

Is Engineered Hardwood a Better Value?

If you’re in love with having hardwood floors but not the expense, engineered hardwood could be just the ticket. Engineered hardwood flooring gives homes that natural, rich look, is durable, and eco-friendly. Engineered hardwood flooring has the same look and texture as traditional hardwood and has a greater temperature resistance for years of beauty. Save more money with all-inclusive pricing and a low-price guarantee.

Will Luxury Vinyl Increase My Home’s Value?

For another option to hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl offers the look of all kinds of wood varieties, including teak, oak, weathered cedar, and much more. It’s a budget-friendly alternative to hardwood and is 100% waterproof, easy to maintain, and extremely durable.

Natural Stone Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Natural stone is another gorgeous flooring that can add value to the home. Similar to hardwood flooring, natural stone costs can run extremely high depending on the type of tile. Luxury natural stone flooring, such as marble, can cost up to $70 or more per square foot. Laminate flooring in a natural tile look can greatly offset the cost of natural stone. 

Does Laminate Flooring Increase Home Value?

 To go easy on the budget, laminate flooring is another option. It may have a lower resale value than solid or engineered wood, but high-quality laminate flooring can bring a higher resale value than cheaper vinyl flooring or leaving bad flooring in place.  

Should I Add Carpet Instead?

Brand new carpets can add a decent value for sellers. However, it’s important to consider trends. Back in the day, it was popular to have the entire house carpeted. Not so much today, when many home buyers prefer hard surface flooring over carpet. 

FlooringTrend WoodPlanks

Condition of Existing Flooring

If the current flooring is in poor condition, updating to new flooring could considerably increase the home’s value. If, however, your flooring is in good condition or needs some minor repairs, the value of new flooring will be limited. 

Age and Style of the Home

When adding or updating your flooring, it is important to think of the age and style of the home. Carpet in a Victorian-style home might look outdated, but hardwood would look stunning. Or a minimalist design would benefit from cool neutrals over busy patterns.

Choose flooring and color that accentuates the use of the space. For instance, hardwood and carpets are not a good choice in bathrooms. Also, consider the overall functionality of the space. Laminate flooring is a perfect choice in basements, and hardwood and luxury vinyl is a natural in living rooms.

Should the Same Flooring Be Throughout the House?

If you need to update the entire house, there is no rule that says you have to have the same type of flooring throughout. If you need to add flooring to an entire home sticking to a monochromatic look when mixing, types lead to a classic look and less hassle. But there’s no hard and fast rule there either.

This may sound overwhelming, because it is a big decision. Get a personalized consultation for the best results. Lastly, when reflooring a room or the entire house, always keep extra tiles and planks for the next homeowner. Just in case they need to make repairs or for matching.

Best Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

There are many ways to increase the value of your home, and reflooring could see a lucrative return. But, exactly how much value new flooring depends on many variables. The type of flooring you choose and the condition of your existing flooring will be big factors. Before you put up your for-sale sign, consult with our expert REFLOOR pros for the best options when considering flooring one room or the entire house. With Refloor, you’ll get flooring done right the first time. Plus, our Lifetime Guarantee and Lowest Price Guarantee. Call us today at 1-844-REFLOOR!

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