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What’s Living in Your Carpet?

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Wall-to-wall carpeting has been a popular flooring choice for many American households since it first came on the scene in the 1930s. However, home aesthetics, interior design, and functionality of space—and materials!—have shifted over the last several decades.

And they’ve continued to shift throughout 2020. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our homes have turned into offices, classrooms, gyms, and staycation “destinations.” As a result, our floors have been feeling the extra love as we shuffle from room to room, day in and day out.

More than anything, we’ve become that much more hypervigilant with what we bring indoors when crossing the threshold from a pandemic-ridden outside world. Sure, a plush carpet might soften the falls of your rambunctious kids, but there are far more hygienic and updated looking flooring options to go with, hardwood being one of them. Cliché? Maybe. But we prefer the word classic.

Let’s briefly delve into why luxury vinyl plank floors are an easy win over wall-to-wall carpets.

1. It might not be the constantly full house giving you splitting headaches…

Okay, it might be a contributing factor, but did you know that research shows carpet can harbor 200,000 bacteria, including E. coli, staph, and even salmonella, on every square inch. That’s about 4,000 times as much as your toilet seat!

And think about what else lingers in the air or is brought indoors on any given day. Those pollutants, germs, and other undesirable elements get trapped in carpeting and are hard to remove without a professional cleaning. If you have allergies, skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or are allergic to pet dander, the solution to making your home a more allergen-free space might be right beneath your feet.

Many viruses can survive in carpet for extended periods of time—longer than on dry wood or tile surfaces. Amidst a pandemic, it’s easy to see why it might be time to replace your carpet.

2. Risky business or savvy move?

Have you ever tried to glide across your carpeted room a-la Tom Cruise style? No? Neither have we. Who wants a rug burn on the soles of their feet?

Movie scene re-enactments aside, hardwood floors are both long-lasting and cost-effective options that will always add value to your home. While they might be a costlier option upfront, think about the long-term costs overall. Refloor’s vinyl plank floors are easy to maintain, are stain-free, waterproof, and come with a  lifetime guarantee! Can you say the same thing about a carpet with old stains that won’t disappear?

In the end, the switch will save you money.

3. The possibilities might not be endless, but they’re numerous!

Carpets need to be professionally cleaned quite regularly, and even then, they won’t always look their best years down the line. In addition to our floors being a long-lasting option, they also come with another incredible value. If you ever decide that you would like to change the color of your floors, say if you redecorate – no problem! We will give you 50% of your original purchase price off your new flooring project with us! You might ask why not carpets?

We might respond with why carpets?

If you’re ready to update your floors and want professionals to walk you through the process, trust Refloor to help. Contact us today! 

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