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Why Luxury Vinyl is the Best Option for Your Home Gym

Blog WhyLuxuryVinylIsTheBestOptionForYourHomeGym

The holidays are behind you—the pandemic, unfortunately, still is not—and you’re ready to keep your New Year’s resolution this time. After all, gyms aren’t as readily available and open to the public nowadays, so with any luck, you have your home gym to stick to this year.

As public spaces have become more of a liability in the COVID era—and as we realize more clearly just how many things we touch throughout a single day—home gyms have become an important space within single family homes.

But just like any other room in your house, there has to be some strategy behind the design choices, even if your home gym is just a couple of weights and a treadmill. More important than wall color in this space might be the flooring option you opt for, and for good reason. Think about the equipment sitting around, the jumping, the sweating, the bottoms of sneakers touching every inch of the floor.

Before you’re ready to break that resolution yet again, we’re here to tell you why vinyl flooring is the best option for your gym and why you’d get bang for your buck.

It’s Hygienic

Not only is vinyl flooring waterproof, it is also mold and mildew-resistant, making it a great option for those sweaty sessions. Think about how many times you get down on that mat. Your nose will be as close to a bed of roses as it can be while indoors.

And because vinyl is easy to clean, maintenance is as simple as a quick sweep or mop at the end of your workout.

It’s Comfortable

Luxury vinyl planks offer underfoot insulation, and that added thickness gives a cushioned feel underneath your feet. While that’s a pleasant quality to have in any gym, that’s especially important for those who may be older, have back or knee issues, and would rather not jump rope or do HIIT sessions on a tile floor.

Did we also mention that vinyl flooring has outstanding traction and is slip resistant?

Add those to the list.

It’s Affordable

Durable and hygienic, but also affordable, vinyl floors make the most sense for home gyms. Not dropping a ton of money on floors that will only be made to withstand pressure makes sense, doesn’t it? Ideal for high-risk areas, vinyl flooring will provide comfort and style without breaking the bank.

And if you give up on your working out resolution halfway through the year, at least you didn’t spend a ton on that new gym floor.

It’s Versatile

Want your home gym’s floor to look like wood? How about tile? Vinyl flooring can come in both options, providing more flexibility with how you want to style your gym without sacrificing any of the qualities that make vinyl, well, vinyl!

Vinyl flooring, while a fantastic option for any room in your home, seems like an easy fit for your home gym. Don’t compromise quality for price when you can truly have them both. If you’re considering new floors for your home gym, trust Refloor to help guide you through the process. Contact us today.

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